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Green Arts Network

Festival Series @ MassArt: 2015-2018


The Green Arts Network is a social media outlet that produces annual festivals led by MassArt students Stephanie Houten and Hank Fay, sponsored by MassArt SGA. Our goal is to create a platform for the variety of communities involved in the sustainability and climate change movements to network, collaborate, and exchange ideas. As the festival grows each year, we learn more about these movements and how we can contribute to a better world as makers, thinkers, and organizers. We are excited to celebrate the fourth annual Green Arts Festival this fall, and bring more communities together under a common goal of a greener community.

The 2018 Green Arts Festival will be focusing on the importance of indigenous voices and intersectionality in the movement for our earth. How are artists using their craft and creativity to bring these voices to the forefront? What can artists and community members do moving forward to support these movements in the struggle for a protected planet?



While taking a Sustainability in Art & Design course at MassArt, I envisioned a platform for sustainability-focused artists and activists to share their work not just via the web, but in person too. I created a Facebook page called "The Green Arts Network", where I would regularly share articles, artwork, campaigns, and websites to create a unified source for sustainability-related media.

In 2014, a micro grant from the Sustainability Initiative at MassArt sustained the first Green Arts Festival production. Held in the fall of 2015, the Green Arts Network Artist Showcase of 2015 featured several artists and local organizations working to bring awareness around climate change. Co-producing with fellow MassArt student Hank Fay, we ignited a visceral dialogue on sustainability in our local and global communities.